St Augustine’s vs Sunderland FC Football Match

In August 2015, to mark the 150th anniversary of The Northern League being won by St Augustines Football Club (yes, us, we were as astonished as you !)  we recreated a match that really took place, St Augustine’s played Sunderland FC the very first time the Wearsiders wore their iconic red and white stripes.  Sunderland won that match 1-0, but if you want to find out the score in the ‘replay’ you’ll have to visit us in the Parish Centre.  There’s a full report on the wall of the corridor underneath a replica shirt. Read more

The Make Over

In August 2015, after a lot of preparatory work, the Parish Centre committee and volunteers began work on the Big Project of the year.  The purpose was to revive and scrub up the somewhat tired looking fixtures and fittings in the hall and bar.  

From carpet to ceiling, wallpaper to soft furnishing, lacquer to paint it all got a going over.  It look a lot of effort to do it as these pictures will prove, but we think it was worth the effort, please come in and have a look around.