Parish Centre Bar News: Friday Nights Are Back! (for a while…)

Following a request, Directors have reviewed Friday night opening, and decided to open the bar for one Friday night per month, to see how it goes.  Our Bar Team will monitor usage and report back to the Directors in December.

Opening times are 7.30 – 11pm on the following dates:

September 21

October 5

November 9

December 7

Remember, the Parish Centre belongs to us all,  and ideas for use are many and varied.  These will be ‘Parish’ evenings, so why not bring the family and friends down one Friday night – order a pizza in (or cook it yourselves?) and hook up the TV (lounge or hall) for the kids?  Or drag out a game of Trivial Pursuit/Dominoes/Cards for a nice family games night out? (Its out, but not out, out!)  It’s up to you of course….

Look forward to seeing you there