A Stunning Wedding!

We had a wedding at the centre over the weekend. The hall was decorated by the wedding party themselves and the place looked stunning! Have a look at some of the pictures we took!

Passover Meal – March 2016

The parish centre was transformed for the passover meal tonight, March 22nd 2016. A great night celebrating the Passover with the parishioners and friends of St Augustine’s Parish in Darlington.

Refugee Aid Night

What a weekend, a total of £5,902 raised over both nights of the Refugee Aid Night. They were absolutely brilliant and a massive thank you to everyone who made it possible. Read more

STARS – Adventures of Mr Toad

This last week has seen our very own STARS (St Augustine’s Repertory Society) put on an amazing show. This years January slot was taken with ‘The Adventures of Mr Toad’ – Produced & Directed by Brian Coady.

With a cast of regular STARS performers, as well as new, the performance from Wednesday through to Saturday have had sell out audiences and brought a superb family show to the town for many to see.

It was also the first major performance in the newly refurbished hall and theatre. The new stage truss system was in use, allowing the team to use more modern and intelligent lighting to create the effects.

If you had the pleasure of seeing the show thank you for coming, and to those involved in putting the show on, from set building, makeup, costume, technical and of course to the cast, well done!


The Make Over

In August 2015, after a lot of preparatory work, the Parish Centre committee and volunteers began work on the Big Project of the year.  The purpose was to revive and scrub up the somewhat tired looking fixtures and fittings in the hall and bar.  

From carpet to ceiling, wallpaper to soft furnishing, lacquer to paint it all got a going over.  It look a lot of effort to do it as these pictures will prove, but we think it was worth the effort, please come in and have a look around.