Refugee Aid Night

What a weekend, a total of £5,902 raised over both nights of the Refugee Aid Night. They were absolutely brilliant and a massive thank you to everyone who made it possible.

All the performers – The Melltones, The Bad Suits, Laura LY Young, Tomas Euan Keavney, Alex Fawcett, Zack Hammond, Chris McGovern, Andy Wynne and Mel McEvoy. The music was incredible!

Thanks to Darlington Assistance for Refugees – Sajna Miah, Laura Dempsey, Fran Wood, Jennifer Elliott Morfoot, Kulvanth Kaur and Andrea Leigh Nader for organising the food!

Also thank you to everyone who helped along on the nights with selling tickets, promoting, raffle and the compares.

CDB Production Solutions who supplied the full production with brilliant sound and light shows both nights.

Thanks for everyone who came along to help sort out and box all the clothes, We’ve collected about 100 boxes of clothes to be sent out via container to Syria which will be going with pallets of food this week.

Such a great response by everybody and it shows how, whilst we may despair at situations and worry about the future, there is still so much good in the world.

Thanks again everyone,
Chris McEvoy