Friday Nights at the Parish Centre – What’s Next?

With many thanks to all those who came along to our Friday night openings last autumn, and for providing us with feedback. 

We’ve looked at all of that and it seems the demand is more diverse than we thought.  We are trialing over the next few months, ‘Family Nights’ where all ages will be catered for, and Over 18′ nights, exclusively for the adults. 

They are as follows:

Friday 1st Feb – Over 18

Friday 8th March – Family

Friday 5th April – Over 18

Friday 3rd May – Family

Why not arrange a relaxed night out with the family/friends and use the facilities we have….TV, order a takeaway, bring snacks, or we can open the hall (if free) and run a video on the big screen for the kids/ put tables out with games etc (just let us know so we can set it up).  Or just sit and have a natter with friends.

If you have any special requests or ideas we will be happy to hear them. (Cocktails anyone?) We will report back in June on it’s success.   Over to you…Contact: